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"Architecture is regarded as the most public of all art forms.  It think this view barely scratches the surface.  Architecture can't be simply defined and any attempt to do so raises more questions than answers.  It challenges our preconceptions over issues like tradition, sustainability and the economy while functioning on a scale which impacts upon all of society." - Randy Carizo


Carizo Design Studio is committed to providing clients with innovative design solutions for particular projects that result from a highly investigative design process, a studied analysis of traditional and unconventional construction methods and an ongoing commitment to researching sustainable technologies and resource-efficient construction methods.  Each of our projects strives to enrich one's experience of space, light, context, materials and craftsmanship through the experience of architecture.  It is our belief that exemplary architecture not only provides functional space but acts as a lens through which we view, understand and appreciate the natural and man-made world.  In this way, architecture can offer order, beauty and inspiration. Architecture, as we view it is art.


It is our belief that architecture should be harmoniously linked to microclimate, context and both local and global sites.  As a result, we promote the sale and use of local building materials, employ energy and resource-efficient design strategies and actively practice "green" architecture.  In conjunction with these aims, we produce designs which are bold and unique to each client and site.


Collectively, we have over 10 years of design and construction observation experience to back our design efforts.  Our methods and practices are tested and reviewed on site where their performance can be evaluated.  In this way, we can provide inventive and creative designs for environmentally and socially responsible residential, commercial and public projects.


At Carizo Design Studio, we deliver unique and personal  products.  Although projects range from new construction at the civic scale to the smallest residential remodels, each design opportunity brings creative potential.  Carizo Design Studio's strength is transforming this potential into reality.


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